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"The Language of the Stars" by Hermann Beckh

A quote by Hermann Beckh in The Language of the Stars, "religious astrology of the future will be concerned again with such life in the harmony of the stars, not on the arbitrary reduction of astrology for egotistical everyday purposes. Moreover, the fatal, fatalistic pull that astrology as pursued today has for many people will then be a thing of the past. In living oneself into the eternal harmonies of the stars, the human being carrying the priestly [role] will come precisely to a new higher stage of Christened experience of freedom, in the eternal harmonies of the stars he will experience his freedom."

This passage holds the key to so much. To begin with it holds the key of what Christianity of the "Christened experience" truly is. It is not what modern Christianity or the church perpetuates. In fact the truth is so far from the lie that we have been taught that people reject the truth because it is unfathomable while living the lie. But the truth is that Christ brought the gift of freedom. True human freedom. It is this that Beckh speaks of. It is through studying the stars that we gain the experience of living with the cosmos. This is the ultimate goal of the true astrologer, to develop a relationship with the cosmos and lead others (priestly role) to that experience as well.

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