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Full Moon Circle February 15th 7pm


Full Moon in Leo

Full Moon in Leo Circle will take place on Tuesday February 15th at 7pm @ Harmonized Health in Northville. We will complete our journey with Psyche and Eros through the underworld as we release the last bonds that hold us to our old modes of being. This is in preparation for the Sun/Jupiter conjunction taking place on March 4th just after our next New Moon.  We will be creating herbal satchels for everyone to take home to "release" on Wednesday during the day of the new moon taking place at 12 'o'clock in the afternoon.

As usual please bring a bottle of water to bless with flower essences and notebook and paper. If you have a copy of your birth chart please bring it with you as we will be looking in to the specific areas of each of our lives these moons are manifesting in to help guide us on our individual journey. If you don't have your birth chart there are many places online where you can print one for free, try as an option. Suggested donation $10 notebook and paper. 

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