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“To Know Thyself is the Beginning of Wisdom.”


Approach to Astrology

My belief is that a person's astrology chart is their map or guide from the Cosmos. We are all born in to certain energetic circumstances based upon our karma, otherwise known as the sum total of our actions. These energetic circumstances we call planets and aspects. It is my job to help you understand this set of circumstances and what your soul is here to work within.

This is not your typical astrology reading. I do not subscribe to one hard set of rules Pladicus vs Whole Signs, Hellenistic vs. Evolutionary, but instead integrate a multidimensional view in which on varying levels all systems have value. I am trained in multiple schools of astrology, Modern, Hellenistic, Hermetic, Evolutionary, and bring this wealth of knowledge to my readings. But my love of all things of a higher nature does not stop at Astrology. I have a deep love for studying all things esoteric, Hermetics, the ancient mystery schools, myths and legends of old, the Goddess Sophia,  Rosicrucianism, and Anthroposophy. These studies greatly influence what I am able to offer to my clients in terms of spiritual guidance. 

My hope is to offer every client more than just a "reading" but to give them an in-depth experience that will help them to flourish in this life. 


Finding your Path can be Challenging at Times

Most of us have reached a place in life at some point in time where we feel lost or question our motivations. With astrology we can identify your true path and goals in this incarnation. This can give you the confidence to live your life in your way and not the way you have been conditioned to live. With this power you can cease to feel lost and move with purpose and direction.

Your Guiding Light to the Stars

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Birth Report

A review of your natal birth chart and the journey spelled out in your stars.

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Conversations to dive deeper into how you can follow the stars to better know yourself.

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Answers for understanding both our conscious and unconscious motivations.

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Soul Journey

Ongoing support and guidance to follow your soul's star path.

Celestial Cognizance

Explore the stars and their affect on us and our lives in the Bsquared blog.

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About Bsquared Spiritual Arts

Bonnie Beth

As with all stories this one begins with a personal journey. 

It is that journey, to Hades and back that gave me a wide breadth of understanding about the deeper meaning in life.

Finding my own true path gave me the strength to journey into the unknown. It is on this adventure that I find myself here, sharing my knowledge with others so that they can progress on their own journey.

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