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Custom Wearable Art by Bonnie Beth

In the gallery you will find photographs of current and past work that was created through the combination of metal and fibers.

Custom Jewelry

Each and every piece of jewelry is hand crafted and one of a kind. The majority of the pieces are never duplicated. Each pieces is made of precious metals and unique gemstones.

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"Everything has beauty in it, but not everyone sees it."                                                            -Confucius


All About Bonnie Beth

Bonnie Beth began her journey with creating wearable objects by sewing clothes as a little girl. Later she attended college for Fashion Design in Chicago where she found an interest in metal sculpture. It was some years later before she began studying metal working and then attended the College for Creative Studies in Detroit for Jewelry and Metal Design. It was there that she combined the two arts, fashion and metal, into wearable sculptures. While attending school Bonnie received an apprenticeship at a jewelry studio where she learned and refined the skills of a bench jeweler. Later Bonnie attended The New Approach School for Jewelers in Tennessee where she was certified in stone setting and hand engraving. 

Bonnie's personal interest lie in study of world religions, historical religious and philosophical works and Anthroposophy. This has given her a very deep understanding and knowledge of some of the deeper aspects of the universe, how it functions and why we are here. This knowledge influences her work. In her own words "Jewelry is not just something we wear to look good, it is constantly influencing us. The type of metal, the alloy used, and the stones that are set into the work. All of these influence the wearer and we are drawn to energies that resonate with us. Sometimes this can be a negative resonation and consciousness should be used in selecting appropriate pieces for the wearer."

Bonnie Beth combines the art of astrology with the art of metals and gemstones. By creating custom alloys, that are designed to have a positive effect on the wearer, and combining them with the power of symbolism, individuals can experience a positive effect to aid in overcoming difficulties expressed in their Astrology Chart.

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