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Bsquared - Bonnie Beth

The Full Story

As with all stories this one begins with a personal journey. Nobody found themselves at a certain place in life without having experiences that led them there. Being born with Pluto square my moon, I can recount numerous fantastic tales and adventures along with many Plutonic downfalls and crisis.

It is that journey, to Hades and back that gave me a wide breadth of understanding about the deeper meaning in life and the ability to see the subtleties and find definition in the self. Finding my own true path gave me the strength to journey into the unknown. It is on this adventure that I find myself here, sharing my knowledge with others so that they can progress on their own journey. 

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My Interests...

My personal interest lie in study of world religions, historical, religious, and philosophical works, Astrology, Hermetic texts, and Anthroposophy. This research has given me a very deep understanding of the human journey, knowledge of the universe, how it functions, and why we are here.

I am here to provide a service to you that will give you a deeper understanding of both the conscious and unconscious motivations behind your actions and how you can walk a path that is true to your soul's purpose.

Helping You Find Your Path...

The first step on your individual path is to understand your star map, your astrological birth chart. This chart shows the resonance and frequency of your being and can help you understand why your soul incarnated in this life, what it is here to learn and what the struggles and joys will be along the way.

With the right keys we can live a more productive and happy life. Knowledge is one of those keys and wisdom is the other. But the wisdom has to be created from within you. It is this process of creation, creating wisdom, that can often be very painful. But we are not alone on this journey. 

We are guided by our higher self, the part of every individual that is untainted by the comings and goings of this life. When one can truly sit back and observe their life and situations objectively instead of subjectively, you can begin to see the course the river of your life has taken and how to begin to direct the current. 


Through the use of the birth chart we can begin to heal both emotional and physical wounds, by seeing the underlying patterns in our karma, recognizing our truth and purpose and by acknowledging the unique individuality of everyone.

And by karma I do not mean retribution for wrong actions, I mean the pattern and behaviors within ourselves that create our subjective realities.

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