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Imbolg or Candlemas

February 2nd is Imbolg or Candlemas marks the half way point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. This was traditionally a very important time of the year complete with festivals, candle-making and blessing of all candles to be used for spiritual purposes. The word Imbolg means "In the Belly" and represents the earth being impregnated with the seeds that are beginning to awaken in preparation for spring. This is a time of clearing out the old in preparation for the new. This can be a physical task like spring cleaning or a mental/spiritual task in which you clean out all the preconceived notions of self, old habits, and things that no longer serve your higher purpose.

The symbol of the candle is important when contemplating this festival. What is a candle's purpose? To bring light. And this is the mood that should be carried forward in everything we do during this time. This is a festival of fire, not one of warmth, but one of light. Be the light to all the dark places in this world.

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