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Venus Moves in to Libra!

Take a deep breath and breath a sigh of relief! Only four more days till Venus moves in to the sign of Libra her home domicile. The queen is back on her thrown after being dragged through the mud metaphorically in the sign of Virgo her detriment.

This is good news for all things Venus and I for one know that we could all use some good news. You can expect to see more balance in relationships, less scrutiny and more beauty. Depending on where Libra falls in your birth chart will point to where you can see the most improvement in your life.

For those of you who are Libra risings this in the area of the self, or the 1st house. Scorpio rising natives will see Venus leaving the 11th house and moving in to the 12th. This should transition you from a difficult time in the societal realm to seeing improvements in your karmic patterns. My dear Sagittarius risings, Venus will be in your 11th house bring great pleasure and beauty to your interactions with society. Capricorn Rising natives will experience Venus transiting their 10th house and could see an improvement in the work place and/or the perception of their selves in the outer world. Aquarius Rising will experience bliss in higher learning and spiritual endeavors as Venus transits your 9th house. To all the Pisces risings out this can be a time that will bring various results to each of you depending on your orientation. You could experience going very deep into yourself with Venus in the 8th house, this could be great for healing deep unconscious wounds. Or you may experience a lightening or the dark in matters that we rather painful during the past couple months. Whatever your particular experience is we can hope that an exalted Venus in your 8th house will bring aid to all of the 8th house matters. Aries Rising natives will get a big boost in their personal relationship and/or marriage as lovely Venus graces your 7th house with her love and beauty. Taurus Risings could have pleasant experiences with all things service oriented. Be it your job, the people who work for you, or your responsibilities at home. With Venus at home in her sign in your 6th house things should go smoothly for a while. Gemini Rising may just be the lucky one's here as Venus will make her way through your 5th house of romance, creativity and children. Make the best of this transit by working on that book you wanted to write, doing something spontaneous with your children or trying for children if that is what you want! Cancer Risings get the pleasure of Venus moving through your 4th house of home and family. This is a great time for you to cozy up with the ones you love or take on a home improvement project to beautify your space. Whatever you choose use this energy to supercharge your home center and rectify anything that had fallen apart. My dear Leo Risings, this has been your time to shine lately with the Lion's Gate and New Moon events occurring in your 1st house. Now Venus is transiting your 3rd house giving you the gift to communicate your new self to the world and be received with love. And last but not least for all the Virgo Risings out there, if the transit of Venus through Virgo in your 1st house proved to be difficult and challenging take that deep breath I mentioned in the beginning and let it all go. As Venus moves into your 2nd house you should see an improvement in the things that your value and your finances. This will be a welcome reprieve from any struggles you faced during the prior transit. Keep in mind that you have Mars and Mercury hot on the tails of Venus and they are still hanging around that first house. But I always like to look at the positives, Mars can help you to take action on a matter of the self that needed resolved and Mercury can help you think through and communicate yourself to others.

It is always good to be aware of the shadow qualities of the planets and signs as well as the higher octave. When we feel ourselves slipping into a lower vibration we can quickly work to change our tune.

Best to you all on your journey!

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